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Important Events

  • Gynecological clinic are December 3-4
  • General Practitioner is open daily from 16:30 to 20:00
  • Physiotherapist Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 15:00 to 20:00

Gynecological outpatient clinic: diagnostics, prevention and treatment of reproductive organs and pregnancy

♦ Gynecological ultrasound

♦ Pregnancy ultrasound

♦ Reproductive organ examination

♦ Menstrual disorders

♦ Hormonal disorders

♦ Contraception


HyCoSi infertility diagnosis

General Practitioner Clinic: Family medicine requires an interdisciplinary approach to the patient, taking into account their person as a whole together with their family, environment and the whole community.

Paediatric Outpatient Clinic: Diagnostics for children who are particularly at risk of disease because their immune system is not yet fully formed. Diseases can have a different course, which is why prevention and proper diagnosis are so important.

Laboratory diagnostics

♦ Research packages for children

♦ Research packages for women

♦ Research packages for men

♦ Research packages for seniors

Medical rehabilitation outpatient clinic and physiotherapy laboratory.


Tel: 07716312080

Broom House
Quarrywood Court
EH54 6AX

Opening Hours
Sunday16:30- 18:30


Are the services offered by KAL-Med payable?

We are a private practice and all services we provide are 100% covered by the patient.

Can you make ...?

The full list of services can be found in the ABOUT US and PRICE LIST tab.

How do you prepare for laboratory tests?

For information, please contact us by phone or email and check the preparation tab for basic laboratory tests. Standard blood tests are performed on an empty stomach in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

How do you prepare for a gynecological examination?

You should not be specially prepared for gynecological examination. We ask for personal hygiene, and the best time for cervical cytology is a few days after the end of your period. During the cytology period we do not carry this out however it would be better to apply for a gynecological examination.The remaining tests, such as vaginal ultrasoundand physical examination can be performed at any stage of the cycle.

Prepayment for a visit?

Our patients are the most important to us, this is our mission. If the patient does not cancel the visit for less than 24 hours, the next reservation will be asked to pay a prepayment of £ 40, which will be settled during the payment.

20 minutes late for an appointment?

Please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to find a solution satisfying both sides.

Can doctors issue prescriptions?

Yes, all our doctors have full right to practice.

We have free parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the clinic.

Do we send or share our patients' data?

No. Kalmed Consulting has a strict confidentiality policy and no patient data is shared with other organizations.

Is my treatment or medical history automatically sent to my GP (NHS)?

No. Kalmed Consulting does not provide any information to your GP (unless we have your written consent).