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Dermatology Clinic

Private Dermatologist in Livingston

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At the dermatology clinic, a doctor examines and treats the diseases of skin, hair, and nails, both in adults and children. The doctor effectively treats acne, psoriasis, alopecia, skin inflammation, fungal skin infections, hair loss, dandruff, STDs and other dermatological disorders. Moreover, they treat venereal diseases and allergy-related disorders. The office equipment includes a dermatoscope (skin examination), as well as a device for cryosurgery and electrocoagulation (lesion and wart removal).


Almond peeling

A gentle superficial peeling that can be carried out practically all year round. After the treatment, there is no peeling of the skin or there is little exfoliation. There is also no enhanced irritation. The peeling smoothest the skin, evens out the colour, reduces seborrhoea and acne-prone skin. Recommendations: tired, grey skin, enlarged pores, seborrhoea, prone to imperfections. The best results are achieved after a series of 4-6 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks.

Retix C retinol peeling

A peeling that significantly brightens the skin, improves its tension, reduces fine lines and signs of aging. After peeling, the skin may be slightly red or irritated for 1-3 days, followed by superficial exfoliation. Recommendations: flaccid skin, first signs of aging, shallow and medium-deep wrinkles, discoloration. The best results are obtained after a series of 3-4 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks.

Peeling Yellow Peel

A peeling that penetrates the epidermis a little deeper and is used in a number of indications. After the treatment, there is irritation of the skin, small scabs or deeper peeling may appear. Depending on the number of layers applied, a weaker or stronger effect can be obtained. Indications: acne, seborrhoea, enlarged pores, wrinkles, discoloration, improvement of skin tension and colour. The best results are obtained after a series of 3-4 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks.

TCA – trichloroacetic acid

Medium-deep peeling, causing a clear necrosis of the superficial layer of the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen. After the treatment, the skin is red for 1-2 days, then there is a clear, flaky exfoliation. Peeling brown skin. The skin after the treatment may be more sensitive even for 1-2 weeks. The treatment gives the effect of a clear skin smoothing, reduces the visibility of scars and eliminates discoloration. Indications: discoloration and scars after acne, sun discoloration, wrinkles, loss of skin tension, signs of aging and photoaging.
How Much Does it Cost to See a Dermatologist?
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Dermatological Consultation£ 120
Dermatoscopic Examination£ 160
Removal of skin lesions using cryotherapy or coagulation with additional consultation month after the treatment and/or another therapy od £ 160 do £ 800
Skin swab (in addition to the visit)£ 40
Repeat Prescription (without visit) £ 50
Biopsy£ 400
Peeling ( including consultation)£ 250
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