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Cryotherapy for cervical ectropion

Cervical ectropion

A cervical ectropion occurs when there is a defect in the mucous membrane of the vaginal part of the cervix. In simplest terms, erosion is a small wound with an uneven papillary structure. It is a common condition and occurs in an average of one in four women. Most often, it does not give any symptoms. Unusually, complaints such as discharge, vaginal odour, intermenstrual bleeding/spotting, lower abdominal pain and pain during intercourse may occur. If the erosion does not give any symptoms and the woman is under regular control of a gynaecologist – there is no need to remove the erosion. However, any abnormal dermatological lesion can, over time, take on a malignant form, in this case developing into cervical cancer. For this reason, doctors recommend removing the lesion.

Krioterapia ginekologiczna

Causes of erosion:

    • Endocrine disorders,

    • Untreated vaginal infections,

    • Mechanical injuries,

    • Multiple births,

    • Frequent change of sexual partners.

Cervical cryotherapy

Gynaecological cryotherapy, or cervical freezing, is a virtually painless and by far the most effective method of erosion removal. With cryotherapy, the pathologically altered tissues are removed and the healthy tissues remain intact.

What does the treatment look like?

The procedure involves freezing abnormal cells with liquid nitrogen. A special probe is inserted into the vagina. A negative temperature of up to -1920C is generated at the point of contact with the diseased tissue. The abnormal cells are frozen and undergo necrosis. Within 2 weeks, they are completely exfoliated. The surrounding healthy tissues remain intact. Cervical cryotherapy leaves no scarring and does not interfere in any way with the functioning of the reproductive system.

The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and is virtually painless. If the patient is particularly sensitive to pain, she can take painkillers before the procedure.

Cervical cryotherapy – when to have the treatment?

It is necessary to have a positive result from a cytological examination before undergoing the treatment. The treatment is performed in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, preferably 2-3 days after the cessation of bleeding. This will ensure that the wound has fully healed by the time your next menstrual period occurs.

Cervical cryotherapy – after the treatment

For the first 2 weeks after erosion erosion freezing there is abundant watery discharge. During this time the patient should use sanitary pads or sanitary towels for her comfort. Tampons should not be used. For 3-4 weeks after the procedure, abstain from intercourse. Bathing in a bath, swimming pool, saunas and tanning beds should also be avoided during this time. If the patient regularly played sport before the procedure, she can return to physical activity immediately without any obstacles. During the wound healing period, there may be slight pain at the treatment site, a feeling of swelling and warmth.

Cervical cryotherapy – price

How much does gynaecological cryotherapy cost? Take a look at our price list.

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