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Gynecological Cryotherapy In Erosions

Cryotherapy is the most effective and painless method of removing benign cervical lesions.

The erosion of the vaginal columnar epithelium of the cervix is when the glandular cells appear on the outside of the cervix. The cervix is the “neck” of your uterus, where your uterus connects to your vagina. It does not pose a danger to a woman’s life, but untreated erosion of the cervix can lead to cervical cancer. The causes of erosion are not yet fully understood.

Cryotherapy is the most effective treatment for erosions. Cryotherapy involves applying a very low temperature to the affected area using a special probe. Tissue subjected to freezing is destroyed, and the body removes necrosis within 1-2 weeks and leaves healthy cells. After shallow freezing, no scars remain, while after deep they are elastic enough that they do not interfere with the functioning of the reproductive system, they do not even cause problems with the opening of the cervix during delivery. In addition, cryotherapy gives much better cosmetic effects than a surgical or electric knife. There is no unpleasant smell during the procedure which only takes few minutes.

One of the necessary requirements before starting the cryotherapy procedure is the correct result of the cytology / smear test. The risk that the change may be cancerous must be excluded. To give the body enough time to heal after freezing, cryotherapy is performed in the first phase of the cycle, just after menstruation period.

Watery vaginal discharge persists for about two weeks after procedure. It is worth protecting the underwear with panty liners do not use tampons! For approximately three weeks after cryotherapy, do not engage in vaginal intercourse. This gives the cervix time to heal.

It is also important to especially take care of intimate hygiene during the recovery period. Also, do not use the sunbed, you should not go to the pool or even bathe in the bathtub. However, normal physical activity can resume almost immediately after the procedure, but it is an individual matter.

After 4 weeks, a follow-up visit is necessary to check your cervix.

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