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Hycosy Infertility Diagnosis

Ultrasound hysterosalpingography

This is a test that evaluates the condition of the fallopian tubes and uterus.

The test allows a sonographer to detect obstruction of the fallopian tubes and abnormalities in the structure or shape of the uterus, which can cause difficulties in getting pregnant or maintaining it.

Unlike hysterosalpingography (HyCoSy), the procedure is not painful and safer (using ultrasound rather than x-rays).

Preparation for the examination consists mainly of basic preventative examinations, which are cytology / smear test as well as aerobic and anaerobic bacterial / viruses’ culture of the cervical canal.

The best time to do the test is in the first phase of the cycle, (i.e. the first week after the bleeding and menstrual periods have stopped).

The test involves inserting a catheter whit small balloon through the cervix into the uterus. After filling the balloon, the gynaecologist injects a special contrast that enters the uterus and fallopian tubes all this can be seen in scan monitor. The Doctor observes the shape and size of the uterine cavity and the flow of contrast through the fallopian tubes. The test lasts up to 30 minutes, and the results are available immediately with report.

The fluid administered during the procedure may also help to clear the fallopian tubes, which may allow the woman to become pregnant. Therefore, it also has a therapeutic function.

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