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plen 01506 333 129 Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 17.00
Broom House, Quarrywood Court, Livingston EH54 6AX

Sinuses - Sollux Lamp

Revolutionizing Sinus Relief: Clearing Blocked Sinuses with Sollux Lamp at Our Clinic

Suffering from blocked sinuses can now become a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative approach available at our clinic. We introduce a groundbreaking solution—Sollux lamp therapy—that effectively and comfortably restores sinus clarity.

Blocked sinuses can be uncomfortable, leading to headaches, breathing difficulties, and overall discomfort. Our new offering, Sollux lamp therapy, provides a quick and effective way to address these issues.

The Sollux lamp works by emitting heat and light at the appropriate wavelength, penetrating the sinus cavities. This helps reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and improve blood circulation in the sinus area. As a result, patients experience immediate relief, and sinus blockage is significantly alleviated.

One of the biggest advantages of Sollux lamp therapy is its non-invasiveness and lack of side effects. It’s also a painless procedure, making it ideal for patients of all ages.

Furthermore, our clinic is committed to making this modern therapy accessible, meaning you can benefit from it without worrying about your wallet. Sollux lamp therapy is an innovative method that offers real hope for improving the quality of life for those suffering from sinus blockage.

If you’ve had enough of the pain and discomfort associated with blocked sinuses, our Sollux lamp therapy may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us restore your comfort and clarity in daily life.

The cost is £10 for 10 minutes.

In our clinic, we are ready to perform blood clotting tests that can help protect your health.

The cost is £50.

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