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Dr Wojciech Gziut


Dr Wojciech Gziut is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of prof. F. Skubiszewski in Lublin – also there he obtained a specialization in paediatrics in 1978. He is a doctor with over 40 years of experience. Dr Wojciech Gziut started his professional career in south-eastern Poland, where the existing staff shortages allowed young doctors to advance quickly in health care (assistant of the children’s ward, head of the newborn ward, head of the Rehabilitation Clinic for Disabled People).

Dr. Gziut’s guiding idea in professional activity was to look for the real causes of diseases and mechanisms that are responsible for subsequent stages of the disease in a given patient. This search led to Traditional Chinese Medicine courses at the Acupuncture Institute of prof. Garnuszewski in Warsaw (1992) and Environmental Medicine courses led by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (Dallas 1993 and Kansas City 1994). Dr. Gziut completed a 3-year internship at the Dr. Josef Krop Chronic and Civilization Diseases Clinic in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). For many years, Dr Gziut has been interested in modern bio-information medicine (1997 – Frisenheim, Germany), as well as modern, scientific medical herbal medicine – which is experiencing a renaissance in the countries of Europe and the USA.

For many years, Doctor Wojciech has been an active member of the Phytotherapy Section of the Polish Medical Association and the British Association of Ecological Medicine (BSEM). The experience gained in the chat of many years of work helps the doctor help many patients with various chronic diseases using pharmaceutical drugs, herbal mixtures, diets, recommendations for lifestyle changes.

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