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Family Medicine Clinic

Medical examinations and diagnosing – treatment of acute diseases such as flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections, food poisoning, tonsillitis, neuralgia, urinary tract infections and other symptoms that do not pose a direct threat to health or life. Treatment of patients with chronic diseases.  Diagnosing children and adults, preventive and travel vaccinations, writing prescriptions, issuing sick leave notes, performing ear irrigation. Family medicine requires an interdisciplinary approach to a patient, perceiving them as a complete whole, taking into account their family, environment and the surrounding community.

Discussing test results on phone

Using this website, you can order a service and make a payment. Upon receiving the order and payment confirmation, the doctor will contact you at the provided phone number, at the time selected by you. Service fee – £40. The price includes a one-off phone conversation.


Test results interpretation is a service offered by KAL-Med Consulting Ltd.

Within the scope of the service, KAL-Med enables a conversation with a family medicine doctor.  

Test results interpretation is for information purposes only and does not constitute a health service nor does it replace a direct consultation with the doctor. It cannot be a basis to write prescriptions or issue sick leave notes.

A telephone conversation cannot be used to conduct a treatment of a particular patient – information obtained during the phone call are of educational and informational character only, and as such can only serve as a basis for an advice related to discussed symptoms, but not a particular person.

Please contact the doctor directly if you have any doubts regarding the safety of the use of information obtained during test results interpretation.

Taking any medication (also OTC medication) may pose a threat to health or life – before taking the medication, please read the leaflet to exclude any contraindications for use and consult any ambiguities with a doctor.

The service is available only for adult patients, capable of conscious and critical assessment of undertaken actions. It is forbidden for minors and legally incapacitated individuals to use the test results interpretation service.

The service can only be used in a way that does not infringe the law.

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