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Paediatric Clinic

Environmental Medicine - Bioresonance

The clinic offers medical consultations for healthy children, such as newborn health assessment in the first days of life, premature infant monitoring, vaccination consultations, counselling in common newborn and infant health problems such as intestinal colic, indigestion, spitting up; establishing a nutritional regimen for a newborn or infant, as well as providing advice regarding proper baby care. The clinic also provides care for sick children – diagnosing and treatment of children and adolescents, as well as monitoring of their normal development. Diagnosing children from birth until 18 years of age, particularly prone to illness as their immune system has not fully developed yet. The course of disease may vary significantly – that’s why prophylaxis is so important.

Academic medicine in the treatment of chronic and civilization diseases in integration with elements of environmental medicine.

Modern civilization on the one hand brings enormous technological progress, but on the other, it burdens the environment and our organisms, including electromagnetic, chemical and pharmacological contamination. Economic and economic changes also have a major impact on our lives. Increasingly fast pace of life, stress, uncertain economic situation affect social relations and our health. Academic medicine has been paying attention for many years to treat the patient’s lifestyle and health as a whole. Usually, however, the patient goes from specialist to specialist, often without consulting a family doctor.

As Dr. J√≥zef Krop writes in his publication entitled “Let’s save ourselves – primer of ecological medicine” – doctors of environmental medicine are looking for environmental causes of diseases and develop non-toxic methods of their treatment and prevention. They treat man and the environment as one complicated organism in which every process and change has its consequences.

We offer the following to our patients:

The core of bioresonance is the use of electromagnetic vibrations with a specific frequency to eliminate pathogenic factors such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Every substance and every cell of a living organism emits vibrations with specific electromagnetic frequencies. So pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, etc. also have their energy frequency. Bioresonance therapy involves the neutralization of vibration of pathogenic factors. Special electromagnetic wave generator with programmed frequency of vibration of pathogens is used for this. So, by using vibrations with the right frequency, we can damage the structure of bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi, and thus eliminate them from the body. At the same time, we do not cause any adverse effect on the body, because we operate with different vibration frequencies than those emitted by our body. The essence of bringing the body to balance is to eliminate any pathogens that in one way or another disrupt its proper functioning. The best effects of cleansing the body give the use of bioresonance in combination with information preparations and absorbents of toxins released in the process of pathogen breakdown.

Healing the whole organism is possible by identifying and eliminating negative environmental factors. Elimination of negative factors from the body and modulation of the immune system also requires the use of alternative therapies: acupuncture, bioresonance, massage, sauna, chelation, supplementation, as well as individually established diet programs. Of course, these therapies complement academic medicine in the practice of an ecologist

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