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Broom House, Quarrywood Court, Livingston EH54 6AX

Physiotherapy Clinic

Medical rehabilitation clinic and physical therapy clinic

The clinic offers a development of the physical therapy regimen, assessment and description of patient’s functional state prior to therapy commencement, a function test of the locomotor system or other examinations necessary to establish a physical therapy regimen, as well as providing the patient with recommendations for further physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Clinic
While attending physical therapy, please wear an outfit that allows quick access to the treated area. In most cases only the treated area remains uncovered. If you are attending gymnastics / workout, we recommend a sports outfit that does not restrict your movement, a spare pair of sneakers and a bottle of water.
First physiotherapeutic and consultative visit (90 min)£ 60
Physiotherapy visit (60 min)£ 50
Physiotherapy visit (30 min)£ 30
Package of 10 physiotherapy sessions (60 min)£ 450
Posture examination-consultation (30 min)£ 30
Kinesiotaping 1 application£ 12
Kinesiotaping next application£ 10
Cryotherapy£ 50
Therapeutic massages
Full body (60 min)£ 40
Back massage (30 min)£ 30
Neck massage (30 min)£ 25
Abdominal massage (10 min)£ 15
Upper / lower limb massage (20 min)£ 15
Relaxation massage with aromatherapy
Full body massage (90 min)£ 40
Back massage (30 min)£ 25
Neck massage (30 min)£ 25
Upper / lower limb massage (20 min)£ 25
Hot stone massage
Full body massage (90 min)£ 40
Back massage (30 min)£ 25
Hot chocolate massage
Full body massage (90 min) £ 40
Back massage (30 min) £ 25
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