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Meet our team

MD, PhD Joanna Salomon

Associate Professor Specialist in Dermatology

She graduated from Medical University in Wroclaw. Between 2001 and 2019 she worked in a Dpt of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology, not only as a dermatologist but also as an academic teacher. She was teaching dermatology to Polish and English speaking students and worked also as a teaching adjunct for English-speaking students.

In 2005 she defended PhD on the aspects of pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, one of the most common dermatological allergic diseases. In 2019 she became an associate professor.

She is particularly interested in aesthetical dermatology, dermatological allergology, acne.
She is a member of Polish Society of Dermatology and European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

The author of numerous publications in Polish and international medical journals in such areas as: atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, seborrheic dermatitis, psychodermatology, psoriasis and many others. The author and co-author of books and textbook chapters. The participant of numerous dermatological conferences. She constantly deepens her knowledge on trainings and specialist courses. She is certified for all performed treatments.

Mr Kazimierz Dąbek M.D., PhD

Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetric

Dr Dabek began his professional career in 1980 at the Institute of Obstetrics and Women’s Diseases of the State Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin, where he obtained his second degree of specialisation and defended his doctoral thesis as a Consultant.

In 1990 he went to Africa. For the first two years he worked as a Consultant in Gynaecology and Obstetrics in two hospitals in Luanshyi, in the north of Zambia, when he then moved to Botswana, where he worked as a Specialist at Princess Marina Referral Hospital in the capital of Gaboron as a Team Leader sponsored by the UNICEF program “Safemotherhood”, he trained doctors and midwives in the treatment of perinatal complications.

In 1996 he returned to Poland. While working at the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical Academy in Lublin, he simultaneously cooperated with the Reproductive Clinic.

Dr Dabek then gained further experience whilst working at Caithness General Hospital in Scotland and Blackpool Victoria Hospital in England.

From 2008 to 2012 he then began working in Spain. La Real Fundaccion Hospital de la Reina in Ponferrada, the province of Castilla Leon where he ran the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

Due to the bad economic situation in Spain, he was forced to leave. He returned to Poland and as in Ponferrad, organised and managed the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Opole Lubelskie for 3 years.

He has been working in hospitals in Great Britain since January 2015.

Mr Sianos

Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Surgeon

Mr Sianos is a Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Surgeon with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, based in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He is on the GMC Specialist Register.

Mr Sianos is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland where he completed training in the Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine.

His doctoral thesis “Clinical and densitometry evaluation of late results of treatment of the distal radius fractures in women” has been successfully defended at the Silesian Medical University, Katowice, Poland in October 2002.

In 1999-2004 he ran the Outpatient Centre of Hand Surgery in Zabrze.

He received specialist training in hand surgery in Poland, as well as in German hospitals in Hannover in 1995 and in Bad Neustadt in Bavaria in 2003. The C.M.Kleinert Institute scholarship in the USA in 2004-2005 allowed him to obtain the European Diploma of Hand Surgery in Lausanne Switzerland in 2008.

His role encompasses a tertiary referral level of hand service, including all aspects of adult hand disorders and diseases, both traumatic and non traumatic in origin. This comprises all aspects of out-patient and surgical remedial work.

Mr Sianos has developed a wrist trauma service within the department. Since 2007 he has treated the majority of complex wrist injuries for the unit.

In collaboration with the NHS Western Isles, Mr Sianos developed a unique Hand Surgery Video Clinic based on the Attend Anywhere platform aimed for efficient use of the resources, patient centred service, and cost-effectiveness. This project has positively transformed the hand surgery assessment pathway for the Western Isles patients.

His clinical interest includes treatment for degenerative joint disease (arthritis) rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic sequel. Mr Sianos developed proficiency in surgical treatment for scaphoid fractures and scaphoid non-union related wrist degeneration as well as surgical correction of traumatic deformities of the wrist and forearm. He has used 3D computerised modelling for forearm deformity surgery. He offers joint replacement procedures for irreversible damage of the wrist, hand, and finger joints.

Mr Sianos has experience in assessing and treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other nerve compression syndromes.

Mr Sianos’ extensive experience in Dupuytren’s disease encompasses both clinical and scientific interest. During his career he addressed cases of various severity including very complex revision operations. He has used Colagenase injections, percutaneous needle release, as well as surgical techniques requiring skin transplants. He has treated over 1000 patients with Dupuytren’s disease.

Mr Sianos’ research activity focuses on wrist and scaphoid fractures and Dupuytren’s disease.

During his ten years of medico-legal practice, Mr Sianos has written over 800 expert opinions in his specialist field of trauma and orthopaedics.  These include reports for personal injury and complex clinical negligence litigation.

In addition he has experience in providing Insurance and disability reports.

Dr Marek Zelinski


Membership in medical societies:

  • BOA – British Orthopaedic Association – since 2019
  • ICRS – International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society – since 2018
  • SSRR – Swiss Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology – international fellow – since 2017
  • ESTROT – European Society of Tissue Regeneration in Orthopaedics and Traumatology – since 2017
  • ESSKA – European Society of Sport Traumatology , Knee Surgery and Artroscopy – section ESMA – European Sports Medicine Associates – since 2017
  • British Medical Association since – 2016
  • Royal Society of Medicine – since 2014
  • International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiological Imaging – since 2012
  • BMUS – British Medical Ultrasound Society – since 2012
  • S.I.M.S – French Society for Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Imaging – since 2009
  • ESR – European Society of Radiology – since 2009
  • ESSR – European Musculoskeletal Radiology Society – since 2009

Courses, Congresses, Conferences:

  1. Fortius International Sport Injury Conference – 6th – 7th November 2019 – Park Plaza Riverbank, London  – 12 CPD points of Royal College of Surgeons , Royal College  of Radiologist and Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine.
  2. International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society Focus Symposium – Dr Elizaveta Kon , Dr Maurilio Marcacci , Dr Alberto Gobbi – ICRS President . 13th – 14th of December 2018 – Humanitas Medical University – Milan, Italy 12 CME points.
  3. European Society of Sport Traumatology , Knee Surgery and Artroscopy – 18th ESSKA CONGRESS Glasgow , United Kingdom 09 – 12 May 2018 , 19 CME points.
  4. 3rd ESTROT CONGRESS – Professor Peter Giannoudis M.D , FACS, FRCS- 10 – 12 July 2017, School of Medicine – University of Leeds, United Kingdom – 18 CME points.
  5. 12 December 2016 – French Society of Musculosceletal Diagnostic Imaging – Specialistic course – “The newest concepts in ultrasonography of Musculoskeletal System „Ultrasound guided PRP injections” Professor Phillipe Grenier, Dr Jean Louis Brasseur, PARIS, France – 8 CPD points.
  6. 07-09 December 2016 – The 48th Annual Scientific Meeting of British Medical Ultrasound Society – Musculosceletal Panel, Special lecturer prof. Carlo Martinolli. YORK Rececourse, United Kingdom – 7 CPD points.
  7. ESSR – Sport Imagine Course, Prof. Hauck, Prof. Carlo Martinolli, Prof. Roland Becker, Prof. Marco Zanetti, 16-17 October 2015, Munich, Germany – 19 CME points.
  8. Eurospine – SRS Joint 2015 Sring Meeting, 2 Eurospine Spring Specialty Meeting – Dr Ahmet Alanay, Dr Haluk, Berk, Dr Marinus de Kleuver, Dr Ferran Pellise, 23-25 April 2015 , Barcelona, Spain, 14 CME points.
  9. EUSSER – European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation – International Shoulder and Elbow Symposium – Managing Stability & Function In the Shoulder & Elbow – Anju Jaggi SRP MCSP, Jo Gibson, MCSP MSc, 18 October 2014, London, United Kingdom – 4CPD points.
  10. Course of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment [PRP] – Dr Daniel Sister MD, 28 April 2014, London, United Kingdom – 8 CPD points.
  11. Advanced Course – “Ultrasonograpy of Upper Extremity” SIMS – Societe d’Imagerie Musculo-Squeletique , Prof. Alain Blum, Dr Amoretti, Dr Fonti, 21-22 March2014, Nice France – 12 CME points.
  12. Basic Course – “Ultrasonography of Veins” – Royal Society of Medicine, 12 November 2013 London, United Kingdom – 7 CPD – RSR – points.
  13. Advanced Course – “New concepts and new treatment protocols newborns hip joins” – Prof. Reinhard Graf – The Future Inn, 23-24 June 2013, Cardiff, United Kingdom – 12 DPD points.
  14. S.P.N.I – International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiological Imaging, 1st International Conference and Course on Neuromuscular Ultrasound – Prof. Carlo Martinolli, Medical University in Genoa, 24-26 May 2012, Rome, Italy – 18 CME points.
  15. Advanced course “Ultrasound examination and treatment of the newborn hip-joints” – Prof. Reinhard Graf, Dorset County Hospital – Dorchester, 16-17 June 2011, United Kingdom – 19 CPD points.
  16. International Course Arthroscopy and Endoprosthetics of the Upper Limb – 11-13 March 2011, Poznan, Poland – 18 CME points.
  17. 17th Congress of European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology – Prof. Anne Cotten – Congress President – ESSR 2010, 17-19 June 2010, Lille, France – 18 CME points.
  18. Course in Ultrasound Examination of Musculoskeletal System, Advanced Techniques, Fusion Techniques – Prof. Andrea Klauser, 16-17 June 2010, Lille, France – 7 CME points.
  19. ESOR GALEN Advanced Course – Musculoskeletal Cross Sectional Imaging – Prof Dr. Nicolas Gourtsoyiannis, 4-5 September 2009, Cracow, Poland – 12 CME points.
  20. Course in Infant Hip Ultrasound – Prof Reinhard Graf, 19-21 June 2009, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, United Kingdom – 7 CPD points.
  21. Shoulder Ultrasound Course – prof. Lennard Funk, 26-27 February 2009, University of Salford, Wrightington Hospital Teaching Centre, United Kingdom – 8 CPD points.
  22. European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy – 13th ESSKA Congress, Prof. J. Espregueira -Mendes, 21-24 May 2008, Porto, Portugal – 19 CME points.
  23. Gibaud – International Congress – Injury of the Wrist – 2-4 December 2006, Ustron, Poland – 17 CME points.
  24. CETIR GROUP MEDIC – Improvement of management and diagnostic skills in orthopaedics – Dr. Luis del Rio Barquero – PhD, Cetir Group Medical Director, October 2006 Barcelona, Spain [ da Vinci Programme ].
  25. 2nd International Congress of Polish Society of Sports Traumatology – Soft Tissue Injuries in Sport – Dr Grzegorz Adamczyk, Dr Robert Śmigielski, 6-8 October 2005, Olympic Centre in Warsaw, Poland 18 CME points.
  26. Polish Society of Sports Traumatology and German Society of Sports Traumatology – Anterior cruciate ligament, issues and controversies in diagnostic and treatment – Dr Grzegorz Adamczyk and Priv. Doz. Dr Martin Engelhardt, 26 February 2005, Wroclaw, Poland – 7 CME points.
  27. 1st Scientific Congress of Polish Society of Sports Traumatology – 23-25 October 2003, Warsaw, Poland – 18 CME points.
  28. 1st International Symposium of Polish Society of Sports Traumatology – “Pediatric orthopaedics knee injuries” 3-4 September 2004, Warsaw, Poland – 11 CME points.
  29. Polish Foundation of Osteoporosis – “7th Course in Understanding Diagnostic and Treatment of Osteoporosis” 10-12 June 1998 Bialystok, Poland.
  30. YAG Laser Training Course – “Percutaneous Lumbar Laser Diskectomy” – Prof Dr. Med. Peter W. Asher 17-18 February 1999, Graz, Austria.

Zbigniew Tkacz, MD, PhD

Gynaecology, Urogynaecology specialist

A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. From 1996 to 2004, he worked as a senior assistant specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics at the Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital in Gliwice. Between 1997 and 2004, he was the Head of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward at the Esculap Clinic in Bielsko Biała. From 2004, he was employed at the Norwich University Hospital in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, he worked at the Brighton University Hospital in the United Kingdom. From 2010, he has worked as the Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead at the Urogynaecology Ward at the University Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.

His main interests include minimally invasive surgery (both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), urogynaecology (treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence) and the treatment of perimenopausal disorders.

In 1997, Dr Tkacz received a doctoral degree, defending a dissertation on risk factors in uterine neoplasms with regard to continuous hormone replacement therapy.

In 2000, the then First Lady of Poland, Jolanta Kwaśniewska, awarded him with the Różowa Wstążka [Pink Ribbon] Award, which stands for fight against breast cancer.

Dr Zbigniew Tkacz is a member of the International Urogynecological Association, the Pelvic Instability Network Scotland, and the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy. An author of numerous publications in Polish and international journals in fields including: laparoscopic treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, ultrasound imaging in gynaecology, stress incontinence treatment, diagnosis and treatment of perimenopausal bleeding.

Dr Tkacz performed multiple innovative surgeries in Poland and Great Britain. He holds the position of senior lecturer at the Medical University of Dundee, and serves as the lecturer and educational/clinical supervisor for doctors completing specialist training in gynaecology. Participant of numerous conferences at national and international level. The doctor is focused on continuous broadening of his knowledge during trainings and specialist courses.

He is also a holder of certificates confirming his qualifications to perform all the procedures listed.

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