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plen 01506 333 129 Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 17.00
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Dr Grzegorz Sianos

Specialist Hand Surgery

Dr. Grzegorz Sianos is a consultant for hand surgery at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. He is on the GMC Register of Specialists.

Dr. Sianos is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, In the years 1999-2004 he worked at the Municipal Hospital in Zabrze as a senior assistant, specialist in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology, and then specialist in the field of medical rehabilitation. In the years 1999-2004 he ran the Outpatient Hand Surgery Centre in Zabrze.

His doctoral dissertation “Clinical and densitometry evaluation of late results of treatment of the distal radius fractures in women” was successfully defended at the Medical University of Silesian in Katowice in October 2002.

He completed specialist training in hand surgery in Poland, as well as in German hospitals in Hannover in 1995 and in Bad Neustadt in Bavaria in 2003. The C.M.Kleinert Institute scholarship in the USA in 2004-2005 allowed him to obtain the European Diploma of Hand Surgery in Lausanne Switzerland in 2008.

His role in the hospital is to lead the hand surgery team. It deals with all aspects of adult hand disorders and diseases, both of traumatic and non-traumatic in origin, offering outpatient and surgical treatment.

Since 2007, he has treated most of the complicated injuries to the wrist that came to him and referred from other hospitals.

In collaboration with the NHS of the Western Islands, he has developed a unique video hand surgery clinic based on the Attend Anywhere platform, aimed at efficient use of the hospital capacity, focusing on the patient’s well-being, and reducing treatment costs. This project significantly improved the accessibility of consultation to patients in the West Islands.

His clinical interests include the treatment of osteoarthritis (arthritis) rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic sequel. Dr. Sianos has experienced in the surgical treatment of scaphoid fractures and non-union wrist degeneration, as well as surgical correction of traumatic wrist and forearm deformities. He has uses 3D computer modelling for forearm deformation surgery and offers joint replacement treatments in cases irreversible damage to the joints of the wrist, hand and fingers.

Dr. Sianos is involved in the evaluation and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve compression syndromes. Dr. Sianos extensive experience in Dupuytren’s disease covers both clinical and scientific aspects. In his career, he has dealt with cases of varying severity, including very complex revision operations. He has used collagenase injections, transdermal release with needles, and surgical techniques involving skin grafts. He has treated over 1000 patients with Dupuytren’s disease.

Dr. Sianos scientific activity focuses on wrist and scaphoid fractures and Dupuytren’s disease.

During his ten years of medical and legal practice, Dr. Sianos wrote over 800 expert opinions in his specialised field of traumatology and orthopaedics. They cover both personal injury cases and complex clinical negligence lawsuits.

In addition, he has experience in drawing up insurance reports and assessing health detriment.

Our orthopedic specialist has been with us since 2021 and has seamlessly integrated into our team. His expertise in orthopedics and dedication to our patients are highly valued.

Price List

Orthopaedic Clinic

Orthopaedic consultation£ 150
Orthopaedic consultation – extended visit (research overview, overview of MRI, CT and X-ray, creating a treatment plan, qualification for surgical procedures)£ 150
Orthopaedic consultation with intra-articular hyaluronic acid injection (1 joint)£ 350
Steroid injection (in addition to visit)£ 60
Joint / cysts aspiration£ 200
Orthopaedic consultation with ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system (tendons, joints, muscles, ligaments, small parts of the musculoskeletal system, cysts, aponeurosis, enthesopathies) – with the HD Colour Doppler application£ 230
Orthopaedic consultation with peripheral nerve examination£ 250 - 300
Orthopaedic consultation with ultrasound of the small joint of the hands£ 240
Ultrasound of additional joint+ £ 100
Consultation + ultrasound – newborn hip joints examination with feet examination£ 230
Punctures / biopsy consultation - under ultrasound£ 400
Medical report £ 300 - 1000
Medical report for insurance purposes / small medical report£ 250


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