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plen 01506 333 129 Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 17.00
Broom House, Quarrywood Court, Livingston EH54 6AX

Dr Zbigniew Tkacz

Consultant Gynaecologist / Urogynaecologist
Zbigniew Tkacz Specjalista z zakresu Ginekologii, Uroginekolog

A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. In the years 1996 – 2004 Dr Tkacz worked as the Specialist Genecology and Obstetrics Hospital in Gliwice as a senior assistant, specialist in the field Genecology and Obstetrics. In the years 1997 – 2004 Dr Tkacz was the Head of the Department of Genecology and Obstetrics at the Esculap Clinic, Bielsko Biała. Since 2004, Dr Tkacz has been employed at the University Hospital in Norwich, UK. Dr Tkacz then worked at the Brighton University Hospital, UK. Since 2010, Dr Tkacz has been a Genecology and Obstetrics Consultant and Head of the Urogynaecology Department at the University Hospital, Scotland.

Dr Tkacz is particularly interested in minimally invasive surgery (both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), urogynaecology (treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence) and treatment of perimenopausal disorders.

In 1997 Dr Tkacz defended his doctoral dissertation on risk factors in urinary cancer in the aspect of continuous hormone replacement therapy.

Winner of the Pink Ribbon award, awarded and presented by the Presidential Lady Jolanta Kwaśniewska in 2000 – symbolising the fight against breast cancer.

Dr Tkacz is a member of the International Society of Urogynaecology, the Scottish Society for Static Disorders of the Reproductive System and the European Society of Endoscopic gynaecology. Author of many publications in Polish and foreign literature, including in such fields as: laparoscopic treatment of prolapse of the reproductive organ, ultrasound in gynaecology, treatment of stress urinary incontinence, diagnosis and treatment of perimenopausal.

Author of many innovative operations in Poland and Great Britain, Senior University  Lecturer at the Medical University of Dundee, Lecturer and Educational and Clinical Tutor for doctors in the course of specialisation in gynaecology. Participant of many conferences at home and abroad. Constantly deepening his knowledge during trainings and specialist courses.

He gained certificates for all treatments performed.

Our gynecologist has been with us since 2020 and has quickly become an integral part of our team. His specialized knowledge and compassionate care for our patients are greatly appreciated.


Nietrzymanie moczu u kobiet

Urinary incontinence in women

Drożność jajowodów metodą HyCoSy

HyCoSy Infertility Diagnosis

Krioterapia ginekologiczna

Cryotherapy for cervical ectropion

Cytologia – kilka minut, które ratuje życie

Cytology – A few minutes that saves lives


Gynaecologist Clinic

Gynaecology consultation with gynaecological examination£ 150
Consultation - test results review, issuing a prescription - medical certificate - does not include gynaecological examination and ultrasound£ 150
Gynaecology consultation with gynaecological examination + ultrasound£ 170
Gynaecological consultation with examination + urogynaecological ultrasound (full bladder 1.5 ml / no menstruation / bladder assessment)£ 250
Gynaecology consultation with gynaecological examination + ultrasound + cervical smear£ 220
Gynaecology consultation with cervical smear£ 200
Gynaecological consultation with pelvic examination + gynaecological ultrasound + liquid-based cytology (LBC) smear test.£ 250
Gynaecology consultation with cervical smear with HPV typing **£ 250
Obstetric consultation with USG examination£ 170
Prescription extension£ 50
Inserting a non-hormonal IUD (price included device/ in addition to visit)£ 250
Removal and inserting a new non-hormonal IUD (price included device/ in addition to visit)£ 290
Inserting a hormonal IUD (price included device/ in addition to visit)£ 390
Removal and inserting a new hormonal IUD (price included device/ in addition to visit)£ 420
Removal of the intrauterine device with USG examination£ 240
Pessaries Cube / Ring (in addition to the visit)£ 70
Gynaecology cryotherapy * (erosion) - follow-up visit at the price of£ 350
Tubal patency by the HyCoSy method£ 450
Bacteriological swabs and blood test prior to fallopian tube patency (in addition to visit)£ 180
Soft tissue excisions / cysts with histopathological test
(in addition to visit)
£ 400
An endometrial biopsy with (in addition to visit)£ 400
Infertility Package£ 1080
CTG cardiotocographic examination - 1st visit£ 120
CTG cardiotocographic examination - 2nd visit£ 80
CTG cardiotocographic examination - 3rd visit£ 60


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